250 GSM Thickness

Kemina Blankets does not compromise on quality. We provide 250 GSM blankets that are nice and thick. Our blankets are comfortable for the baby to sleep on and take pictures. The dye / printed graphics on our blankets are environmentally friendly and safe! No carcinogens and are AZO - FREE!

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Custom Marker Piece

Lots of sellers provide many marker pieces just to make the customer feel like they are getting more by compromising on quality . We at Kemina Blankets focus on the quality and research and design the best possible pieces that fit with the blanket design. Whether it be a wreath , custom designed rectangle or other pieces of the numbers. We take the time to figure out the best fit so that the pictures come out amazing!

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Kemina Blankets is a family company that manufactures high Quality milestone blankets for kids. People love our brand because we truly care about the customer experience. We don’t cut corners and are straight forward. We only partner with manufactures that comply with our code of conduct and that treat their employees well. The advantage we have our competition is you! Our customers love us and we love you!

Our manufacturing process is done in a clean and safe environment. Our blankets meet all standards and are very comfortable for the baby. If you re taking pictures with the baby on the blanket you want it nice and soft. Plenty of companies cheap our on the material and make it less thick , which hurts the babies back. We at Kemina Blankets have recognized this problem and as a result are manufacturing thicker blankets , which are better than our competition.

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