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6 Foolproof Tips for Photographing Your Baby

Babies are arguably the sweetest subjects to capture. That said, getting them to stay still and smile sometimes seems like a mission impossible.

We’re sharing the best tips to help keep your baby happy while you take the perfect photos.

  1. Play Peekaboo
Play Peekaboo

Play Peekaboo

Play peekaboo behind your camera to make your baby smile. Peekaboo is a classic and works well with kids 2 and under. You can also bring props like your child’s favorite stuffed animal or a puppet to pop out randomly when you’re trying to get a cute grin.

  1. Dance & Sing

If you can’t get your baby to crack a smile for a photo, try dancing or singing one of their favorite songs. If you’re not much of a singer, play a tune on YouTube that your baby recognizes. The background noise can help cheer them up!

If you’re trying to get photos of your newborn, another trick is to play soothing, calming sounds while shooting.

  1. Bring Snacks

If you can, make sure your baby is well-rested, fed, and dressed in comfortable clothes that aren’t too hot or tight. If your baby starts to fuss during a photoshoot, they may be hungry.  

After all, nothing makes us smile like getting a snack. So, depending on your child’s age, be sure you have a bottle or small snack handy.

  1. Pose Your Child on Their Back

Posing a baby on their back keeps them facing the camera. This is especially helpful for a baby that is newborn or pre-sitting. If your child can sit up, try giving them something to hold like a teddy bear while they’re lying down to prevent them from wiggling too much.

  1. Use Colorful Apps

If your baby is a little older and you can’t get them to look at the camera, you can use colorful moving apps to draw your child’s eyes in. Do a quick search for a lava lamp, kaleidoscope, or any colorful moving app, and you’ll find plenty of options. Bonus points for the ones that make noise! Hold your phone close to your camera lens, so your child seems connected to you and not something out of the frame.

  1. Keep the Area Warm

Nothing says a newborn photoshoot gone awry like a screaming, unhappy baby. So keep your tiny tot cozy in a swaddle blanket to make your baby feel comforted and calm while you snap away.

Don’t Forget to Photograph Growth by the Month

No one knows more than you how much your baby will change in a year. Use these tips to help keep your baby happy during their monthly photos with a milestone blanket. You’ll be able to see your child’s progress as they grow and compare what your newborn looks like with how your baby looks at 6 or 12 months old.

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